The NBA’s top 10 3-point shooters

When certain players grab the ball beyond the arc one can almost certainly count the basket before the ball goes in, these players have mastered the art of long-range shooting and they have become specialists in their ‘trade’. These are the type of players who are entrusted with making clutch shots and draining tough shots. In no particular order, here are the NBA’s top 10 3-point shooters.

Stephen Curry

Arguably the greatest shooter of all time, Curry is on course to become the leading player in terms of three pointers made. He is currently ranked seventh in the all-time list in terms of 3-pointers made, he needs at least 300 made 3 pointers this upcoming season to leapfrog many and become the third highest in NBA history, provided he also outscores Kyle Korver. Judging by his ability, he made a record 402 3-point shots in the 2016-17 regular season, he could break numerous more records this coming season. Curry is the master of shooting off the dribble, he is also capable of making half-court and even beyond half-court shots, call it a ‘circus shot’ but Curry has made light work of shooting long-range shots.

Klay Thompson

Some say he has a better jump shot than Curry but that is a discussion for another day. Klay Thompson and Curry have been nicknamed the ‘Splash Brothers’ due to their incredible shooting abilities. Thompson has never averaged anything less than 40% from 3-point land in his NBA career so far, which is a remarkable feat. He is certainly a player who can challenge Curry as the best shooter in the game. Last year he averaged a career high 44% from long distance.

Darren Collison

The Indiana Pacers guard led the league in 3-point shooting percentage. His return of 46.8% from beyond the arc was the best in the league; he was the most accurate shooter. Collison has been gradually improving as a shooter over the years and he has averaged over 40% in terms of 3-point percentage in the last three years. Last season’s return was a career high feat. Collison never attempts more than 10 3-point shots per game, his shot attempt rate is not as prolific as other shooters but he makes most of his shots at a solid rate. He scored a 3-point shot in 54 out of 69 regular season games last season.

Kyle Korver

The eagle-eyed shooter has been one of the league’s top marksmen for more than a decade and he can still shoot with the best of them. Korver is regarded as one of the best shooters of all time and his place as the fourth ranked shooter of all time in terms of 3-pointers made is further evidence of his ability from long range. He has been shooting over 35 percent for 17 consecutive seasons; he has also led the league in 3-point percentage on four occasions. Last season he shot 43.6% from ‘downtown’.

Joe Ingles

The man who wreaked havoc on the Oklahoma City Thunder in the playoffs last season, Joe Ingles is a pretty good shooter. He shot 44% from long-range last season and his double-digit scoring average eased the scoring load placed on Donovan Mitchell. He has averaged over 44% from 3-point range for the past two seasons. He kept hitting big shot after big shot in the playoffs to demonstrate his shooting ability.

James Harden

Not the most accurate shooter but he led the league in terms of 3-point shots made with 295. He also missed the most 3-point attempts in the league but his position as the highest scoring player from beyond the arc cannot be ignored. Harden can go on hot shooting streaks and he is a deadly scorer from 3-point range on a good night. His average of 36.7% makes him a more than decent shooter.

Kyle Lowry

The season before the previous term, Kyle Lowry recorded a career high rate of 41% from 3-point range. Last season he averaged 39.9% from beyond the arc, he was also one of the league best 3-point shooters in terms of shots made as he saw 238 shots go in. One of his stand out performances was against the Houston Rockets last season as he went 7-9 from behind the 3-point line on his way to getting 30 points on the night.

Eric Gordon

Gordon is a double-digit scorer off the bench who has shooting skills that make him an asset for the Houston Rockets’ second unit. The Rockets recorded the most 3-point shots in the regular season and Gordon had his fair share shooting 35.9% from distance. Like Harden, Gordon is capable of a hot scoring streak where he drains multiple shots, he went 6-11 against the Dallas Mavericks in March and 7-9 against the Los Angeles Clippers two games later. Gordon is a trusted shooter and his ability to shoot makes him the most effective player off the bench in the league.

Jayson Tatum

Shooting 43.4% from 3-point range in his rookie season, Tatum quickly established himself as a resourceful scoring outlet for the Boston Celtics. His knack for draining long distance shots made him one of the best shooters in the league last season. He displayed maturity beyond his years as he wasn’t afraid to take tough shots including game winners.

JJ Redick

This choice is based on reputation and statistical form. JJ Redick has led the league in 3-point percentage before, he proved to be a useful piece for the Philadelphia 76ers last season as he averaged a career high 17 points per game. He is a shooting specialist who recorded an average of 42% from beyond the arc. He went 7-7, draining all his 3-point shots against the Dallas Mavericks a few days ago in China. His 100 percent conversion rate also included going 10-10 from the field and 1-1 from the free throw line.

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